Bad Memories

Fugue® puts you in control of your music and your mood by temporarily forgetting the tunes you don’t want to hear. Then, when you’re ready – on your time and your terms – Fugue lets you bring them back. Just. Like. That.

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Filter and Forget with Fugue

Does that song remind you of her? Are your in-laws in town? What about that music rut you're in?

Done biding your time? We’re on it.

Whether you've just gone through a breakup, are sick of an artist or don’t want certain music to play for just one day, Fugue® can help. Think of her as equal parts protector, buddy and tool. Fugue saves you from hitting “skip” or “dislike” over and over and lets you forget songs, artists and albums for as short or long as you want.

Fugue was born out of a need to give users control. Sometimes you don’t want to hear something at all. Sometimes you might just want a week off. You might need a break, but you don’t want to lose your music (or your memories) forever.

Listen to what you want to and forget what you don’t.
That’s it. No surprises.

Karmic Messenger works behind the scenes and emerges when the time is right to fill the gap between action and consequence, and to pay it back by paying it forward.

And, through asking different questions (and actually listening to the answers), follow through, and some “oh, hey, that’s just what I needed right now,” we got your back.

Now, tomorrow, or a year from now, know it’s coming… KM delivers.

You Have Control of Your Music.

Fugue® Beta works with your Spotify Premium account to add filters to your playlists, allowing you to temporarily forget certain songs, artists and albums.

When you are ready, simply slide to revive and your forgotten music goes right back into your playlist where it originally was.

We want to make Fugue your preferred music player app. Fugue® 1.0 is already in the works to give you even more control with new features.

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Spotify logo

One-time connect with Spotify to view, search, and listen to your favorite playlists.

Fugue notifications

Notifications to see if you are ready to revive songs, artists, or albums.

Revival time frame

Select time periods for forgotten music.

Why forget?

Determine why you want to forget a song, artist, or album.

Sort playlist

Enhanced Filters Dashboard: View countdown for forgotten music and sort filters by how much time remains.

Revive music

Want that song, artist, or album back? Just swipe to revive.

Connect with Fugue

Social media integration with sharing suggestions.

Fugue MusicSwap

Replace forgotten music with MusicSwap™

Forget music by genre

Forget music by genre. (pending Spotify API)

Additional streaming services

Connect to additional music streaming services.

Ready. Set. Forget.

Fugue® is free to download, but requires a Spotify premium account. You'll need an Apple® device with iOS 11.0 or later.

Download Fugue®

Android users, we know you are out there and hope to bring Fugue® to your device soon...


A story of heartbreak and control is where Fugue® began. Feedback from our users is what brought it to life.

It's like a more intuitive Pandora. Not only does it help find what you want to hear, but more effectively filters out what you don't want to hear.


I loved the ability of the app to block certain music. There are some days I enjoy all my music, but other days it's nice to block things like my Ex's favorite music!


It's an easy-to-use and navigate app. I especially like that you can forget an artist in its entirety, versus having to forget an artist one song at a time.


What's Your Story?

Questions, comments, feedback, contributions. Fugue® is your music player. Help it evolve.

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